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Regulatory Reporting Streamline

How to improve efficiency for the existing and new regulatory reporting requirements.

Banking Regulation

What is coming from the regulator and how best to implement it in your IT architectural framework.

BCBS 239

Harness the regulatory challenge and transform it into a practical opportunity to manage regulatory data in an efficient and controlled manner

Data Science

Data Science is a powerful means to find answers to be more competitive. We help you asking the right questions.

Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Without data you are just another person with an opinion (Deming).

Software Integration & Specialist Consulting

Specialist software integrators are key to be able to deliver a project on time and on budget.

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Our Company

Risk Systems Consulting has been established in 2006 to respond to a market need to have specialised consultants focused on customers’ needs in software implementation within banks.

Since then we grew in four countries and two continents by gathering like-minded consultants.

If you share this motivation and you would consider joining us or if you are an organisation that would like to know more about our services please get in touch at info@risk-systems.com

We have offices in Brussels, Luxembourg and Melbourne.

Regulatory Reporting Streamline

We are proud to provide tactical solutions to everyday regulatory problems.

To understand if you have a problem in your regulatory stream check with your team: if they are spending time doing data aggregation, data validation and manual operations then you have a challenge!

We have more than ten years of experience to streamline inefficiency in the regulatory reporting space with both tactical and cost effective solutions and with strategic solutions active still today. Drop us a line if you would like to have further conversation on this topic.

At Risk System Consulting our highly specialised team of Consultants are experienced with the challenges Financial Institutions and Insurances face when implementing a group-wide Risk Management framework and can offer our clients the project expertise they need.

Banking Regulation

Financial Review of Trading Book (FRTB)? New Public Disclosure? EMIR for derivative trading? MIFID 2? What are the implication of these and more regulations to your IT Framework? How about your operational impact after these regulations have been implemented?

We have successfully deployed several solutions to cover these challenges.

Where possible we strive to extend the current software solutions to cover the additional requirements and we support clients in negotiating with current suppliers.

Where keeping the existing system is not feasible we support you in choosing the best software solution and we commit to deliver it fully working on time and budget.

BCBS 239

Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIB) still have some time before local regulators will start auditing their systems and processes on BCBS239. This is an ideal opportunity to improve IT and business solutions to truly benefits from a significant cost reduction in operational costs.

BCBS239 is a regulation between Data Management and Risk & Finance; a great opportunity to gain some quick wins in these departments and to start benefiting from tangible results.

Data Science

Data Science encompasses several practices: machine learning, natural language programming, optimisation, unsupervised learning, etc. understanding what you want and how to get it is our job. We will work with you to understand your business and your focus to support you in the optimal way to reach your objectives. We are proud to have top scientists working with us in several sectors.

Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Understanding and trusting your data is fundamental for any kind of analysis and report you would like to design. At Risk Systems Consulting we support you gathering, cleansing and structure your data to be able to spend them in the way your business requires. We also possess knowledge on the main Business Intelligence tools to be able to design reports and to deploy the best tools to share them among your organisation.

Software Integration & Specialist Consulting

Risk Systems Consulting is specialist integrator for a number of specialist software in Risk Management.

We have a track record of over ten years of delivering projects on time, on budget and on scope (OTOBOS).

We have dedicated services to prepare a business case to optimise resources and software for ALM, Risk Management Calculation and Limits and Regulatory Disclosure. 

Once a business case for a software replacement is agreed we can also commit to deliver the new software within the time and budget provided in the business case.

Alternatively we often have resources available to support your projects from a single PMO to a fully-fledged program delivery.